Heading to the US

8 Feb

For those of you that don’t know Rica and I will be leaving China and moving to the US. Rica successfully got her immigration visa and we are now looking for flights, right now we plan to leave/arrive around mid March. When we return we’ll first stay in North Carolina with my parents, but we haven’t decided where we’II end up living. Much of where we end up will depend on our jobs, which we are both now looking for. We have listed out the cities we think will be a good fit and focusing there, but are open for anything.

We are spending the Chinese New Year Holiday/Spring Festival in Rica’s home town, and will head back to Shenzhen on the 22nd and make the final preparations before we leave. For all our friends in Shenzhen we’ll try and setup one last get together (going away party), so look for an update or message for the time and place.

For everyone in the US and North Carolina we look forward to seeing soon and hopefully more!

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