We love our shenzhen Home

26 Feb

We lived in shenzhen for sometime and then hongkong for 2 years and since we got back to shenzhen, We moved to Coastal city. But now we finally settled in Shekou which we love the most.

Shekou was the first area opening to the world after 1987.
So many westerners live here and have their famlies here. so we can even call shekou a western town. You can find all kinds of western imported stuff here, and not mention here are hundreds of different bars and restaurants and shops owned by the westerners.

It is so convenient and so nice living here and sometime you may have a feeling that you are living in your own countries but with more people and even more activities you can join and you can grab a beer anytime at night because this small area never sleeps.

At least this is how I feel.
Even some people said they are jealous of me living in HK for 2 years, but I want to say the life in Shekou is much better and more relaxed. Not far from everything!

I am not a tour guide or anything but just want to tell you how I feel about this city and this area, but if you have any questions feel free to contact me or my hubby If you want to hangout, or know about shopping, transportation questions to hongkong or macao from shekou. Anything. If we know, we will hopefully give you some ideas.

The apartments in this are are getting more and more expensive, First we lived in Rose garden2 128Square meters with a inside garden. rent was like 8 or 9K. Now it is about 1k more, But it was nice place with beautiful sea view and nice management.

But now we lives near by across street. no elevator but cheaper. And we worked so hard to make it look like a home.IMG_5424