How to exchange US driver’s license into Chinese one in SZ

14 Dec

Since Andy got his Chinese driver’s license  and showing off everywhere, lots of friends are asking how was the process.

OK, I will write down what and how I did it, just hope this may give you some idea:

1)which car management department to go

We went to the Xili one(??????Almost all the taxi drivers knows the place, but some may say there are 2 of them in Xili, you should tell them the one is up top one little hill. It is on the Longjing road, next to Long zhu high way.

Here is the link of the address:

Phone: 0086-755-26785761

working time: Monday–Friday 9am–5pm

2)Get the official translation paper about the driver’s license from English to Chinese. You can choose official notary office or some translation company to translate it, because on the paper they need an official government or company stamp.

I went to shenzhen notary public office.  0755-8305 3935

It is on the luobao metro line, exit Dajuyuan station.

I took Andy’s passport and his driver’s license and also made copy of both sides of his license.

Paid 80 rmb if i didnt remember wrong, but someone said 160….but for sure less than 200RMB.

They will tell you when you can go there to pick up the paper.

(Here: if they can translate the English name to Chinese just let them do it, because when you go to arrange the rest of the stuff in car management department they will ask you to have Chinese name on your translation paper.  I didnt get andy’s name translated because the girl said it is not necessary, but after I got the paper, I wrote down Andy’s chinese name on it myself)

3)Get pics for the Chinese driver’s license. Any photo place will do, and there will be a receipt with it as well.

4)Body check . it is more about some basic infor, eye test, remember to bring your glasses if needed.

(you can do 3 and 4 in the car management department as well. but there maybe many people there waiting)

5)police station temporary register paper.

Go to the police station which in charge of your area, and get registered. ( To get a chinese driver’s license they need to make sure you are staying in China long enough or you will stay long enough to drive. Work visa, F visa are no problem.  For more information please call the hotline and ask)


After  you have all of these ready you can go to Xili now.

Bring: passport(original and copy of the page)

pics and receipt

body check paper

translation paper

temporary register paper

First go to upstairs the information counter, they will check everything and tell you it is ok or not.  When everything is Ok, you will need to go downstairs get a Service NO and come back  upstairs again wait for them to call your number. ( May need to fill in a form, I downloaded one online, but they didnt take it, so better do everything the reception people told you.)

After this go down stairs and have finger scan and make an appointment about the testing time.  Go and pay for the fee, you have to use their machine to pay the fee by print your Bank card.

Go home and study your test, you can find English version on the website:

Come back and join the exam.

(At this time you may find some people waking around and ask you whether you need them to do the test for you, you pay for around 1500 they will say they will make sure you can pass. I am not sure how they do it, but if you really can not pass you can try them)

You will be able to do the test twice, if anytime you can pass 90, then you are good.

Now you need to go to next room and get your score print out. and take it upstairs again.

Almost finish for now, last step, fill in a form about the EMS if you want them to send your license home by mail. pay 30 RMB, and done!!!!!


The Chiese driver’s license will be delivered home with your Original one.



Good luck with everything!!!!!!!