Orlando Disney

18 Sep

Andy and I went to Orlando this August and visit Disney.

It was a great time and we love it a lot.

There are 7 other parks except water park.

There are 4 in Diesney:

(Magic Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studio, Epcot, Animal Kingdom)

2 parks in Universal:

(Universal Studio?Islands of Adventure)

1 in Sea World?Sea World?

We went to 5 of them (all 4 parks from Disney and sea world) And one day in outlets and one day in Disney downtown.

That was way too much, we were walking from the early morning and back to the hotel late at night. It doesnt feel like traveling or relaxing for vacation, it is more like a hard work! lol

I have something to tell if anyone is interested to read it:(Just copies from my chinese blog, we will see whether i will have time to translate one day or not haha!