Moving to Hong Kong

9 Jan

I got the news on Friday that the Visa’s for Hong Kong are ready, so all this next week will be busy actually making the move. First on Monday I will be off to Hong Kong to actually pick up the Visa’s and then the rest of the week will be spent getting ready. We have kind of been moving since before Christmas but have been waiting until the Visa’s are done before the move.

Right before Christmas I signed a lease an on apartment in Hong Kong, so I’ll be living in Tsuen Wan. For all the Shenzhen people I know if you need a place to stay in Hong Kong let me know. The apartment there is 1/2 the size or even smaller then what I had in Shenzhen and costs twice as much. Part of the fun of packing has been deciding what we really need and what we can give away/ throw out. We do have some stuff that still needs to go so let me know if you need anything.

We also have a moving company that will take all our stuff to Hong Kong. Mostly its the TV and bed that I can’t take across myself but then we have clothes and all the other stuff. I didn’t realize how much I acquired in the time that I’ve been in Shenzhen. So on Thursday (Jan 14th) the moving company will pick everything up and we should get it in Hong Kong the next day. Hope all goes well and I’ll post more about the differences of life in the two places.