Lots of traveling…

26 May

Japan AirportThe last month has been crazy with 2 trips to the US and a train trip in the US on one of those. Its been good but hard trying to keep up with work while traveling so much although I think I’m Ok on the jetlag now that I made the “switch” twice. I’m now going to be in China until August so I can catch up on some stuff and get some weekend time back.

The first trip was a good trip back to NC for my sisters weeding. Both Rica and I went, I stayed for 2 weeks and Rica stayed longer. I then had the longest trip back from the US I ever had, 33 hours from door to door with 3 flights and a delay because of lightening when I got to Hong Kong. I will never do that again and stick to a max of 2 flights when going to the other side of the world.

After a good time at the wedding and great time trying to catch up with everyone back in NC I hurried back to China (well guess not since it took 33 hours) to get some work done for about 2 weeks before heading back to the states. I then left again to go to San Francisco on May 11th for 1 week of training. The 11th was fun, leaving Hong Kong at 11:30 AM and landing in SFO at 9 AM the same day. I got to travel back in time but it did make the day super long and I counted that I ended up eating about 6 meals. Seeing  San Fran was nice for the day before we took a train from there to Colorado.

The train was also fun getting to chat with everyone that was in the training but it was a long 30 hours where I only got off once because the train had problems and we had to change engines. It was very interesting to take Amtrack, I’d never been on a train in the US and was nice to see how big the US really is and how much empty space there still is. When we got off the train it was a little longer to get to Vail, CO for a full week of training. The training was fun and good to lear but now I need to apply what I have learned.

After the training was done it was one night in Denver before flying back to Hong Kong. A few of us that stayed Friday in Denver went out for a little while before bed and a flight in the morning. It was a fun evening and the flight was also OK, but I had another delay once landing in Hong Kong though this time it was not as bad.

Thats about it and now I can get back to work (using my training of course) before I am off to Orlando in August.