Vacation in Hua Hin

7 Oct

For the October Holiday in China, Rica and I decided to take a vacation in Hua Hin. It was Rica’s first time to Hua Hin (2nd to Thailand) and my 2nd time but I haven’t been here in 6 years I think. Hua Hin is located about 3 hours south of Bangkok and you can just take a car to get there. The flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok is cheap and easy to do and then we booked a van to take us and 2 friends down here so overall the transportation is really easy to get there.

Before we got here we booked a cheap hotel online, the Thipurai Beach Hotel, which is a little out of the city but within walking distance to “downtown.” The hotel was about 1000 bah a night ($32) and we booked it for 2 nights so we can have a look around if there is anything better and cheaper. The hotel was nice but unfortunately their wifi was not working and while we are on vacation we still needed to check some emails. We stayed there the first two nights and then moved to the Rahmahyah hotel just up the street which was only 800 bah ($25) a night. Overall the Rahmahyah hotel is much better the the first one, not just because of the wifi, but the hotel staff is much nicer and the food on the menu is awesome. If you are thinking of a trip to Hua Hin (and don’t want to stay in a 5 star hotel) this is the place to stay. Next time we are back we will defiantly stay here again.

Hua Hin is pretty small so we could walk everyone or if we are lazy we could just take a tuk tuk but we decided it’s just easier to rent a motor bike and drive around on that. You can rent a bike for 250 bah a day ($8) and we have filled up twice for a cost of 200 bah ($7) so it’s defiantly the way to go. It let’s us get around to shopping and to eat as well as see some other places around.

While here we have spent time on the beach and also to see the Monkeys and do some elephant riding. The is a lot to do and you can get everywhere other motor bikes. In the evening we go to the night market and eat the great street food they have for very cheap. There is more to do but laying on the beach and napping is what I like to do, and then answer a few emails on my iPad is also ok.

I’ll write some more when back in SZ and not on the beach but so far the vacation has been good and wish this wasn’t the last day here (we leave for Bangkok for a day and night before heading home).