Shenzhen Bay Boarder – Shenzhen Wan KouAn

24 Jul
Picture of Shenzhen Bay

One of my very first posts was about the different boarders between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. That information is still accurate and you can view that original post here, but I want to update a little more about the Shenzhen Bay or Shenzhen Wan. Since that original post I spent a lot of time going between Shenzhen and Hong Kong before moving across the boarder and then moving back and now its usually the boarder I take when going back to visit/work in Hong Kong.

The time you go makes a big difference

In my original post I mentioned that this boarder was fairly new and quick. It’s still the fastest way to get across if you go at the right time. The longest its taken me was about an hour on a Saturday about 1 PM going to Hong Kong from Shenzhen. Since then I have tried to learn when to go and when not to go. Here is what I’ve found about the time to go:

Lines should be short:

The best time to go from is early in the morning, around 8 AM or early. On the weekdays you maybe OK till 8:45 AM but then it start to get busy, on the weekends better be there at or before 8. Then the best time to go is in the evening after 9 PM, though on Sunday it may still be busy, and the later you get there the better. Note on the Shenzhen side though that if you come back late you may have problems getting a taxi.

Other then that on the weekdays in the afternoon is can sometimes be OK and even Saturday afternoon has been OK, but there is no telling and sometimes it can be really busy.

Lines will probably be long:

It can actually happen anytime during the day if you’re not there early or late as above. However, it defiantly will be busy Saturday after 9 AM and then Sunday evening. The reason is most of the people are taking a tour bus to Hong Kong and all the tour buses go through this border now so it can get full when all the buses arrive.

Also a special note that with the 2011 Universidad in August it will take a long time.

Closing comments and notes

The times above are mostly related to the China side as I have been going through the e-channel on the Hong Kong side, but from what I see it is almost the same since if you get stuck on one side you will get stuck on the other.

Have you had a different experience? Did you get stuck at some of the times I have? Leave a comments and let me know.