Vacation in Coron (Philippines)

2 Feb

I haven’t been posting much as I’ve been busy working but figured now that I’m on vacation I can go ahead and spend some time writing about our travels. Rica and I spent the last few days in relaxing in Coron and are now waiting to leave as I write this.

We arrived 3 days ago and had 2 full days here along with the one to get here and one flying back. We stayed at the Coron Village Lodge right in town, about 40 min by car from the airport. The first day we arrived we spent exploring the town, though after a little you see everything and there isn’t much to do.

The second day was the best part of the trip. The helpful staff at the lodge arranged a boat for us to do island hopping. We went from place to place on our private boat (Rica and I with the captain and helper) swimming and taking some great pictures. I won’t go into details but this made the trip worth it, you can take a look at some of the great pictures we got. Really a great time but exhausting from all the swimming and sun.

The 3rd day was not very good as I got too much sun and heat the day before and felt sick all day! We spent most of the day on out air conditioned room getting some rest. Since we where in the city and there is not much to unless you take a boat it was too late to do anything, but at least we felt rested and better for the trip back.

Overall it was great to see and thanks to Mike for suggesting it and arranging the accommodations. The only bad part is there really isn’t much in the town so you need to be ready to get a boat everyday to enjoy it. We did one set of island hopping but there is more to see if you are here longer. You can also choose to stay at another location or on the island which maybe better.

On the way to the airport now and will post more from Boracay.

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