How to apply for a US visa in HK

29 Mar


Who the hell is Rica is not that important, the important thing is what i wrote may help someone who want to have some tips.

i am chinese and i just got my US visa, multiple entry for a year. Since i have many of my friends asked me how i got my US visa so i will say I am not the only lucky one you can do it too, and it just happened like this:

·         First, i think i get this visa easier because i am in Hongkong and I have Hongkong ID card, although it is just temporary ID, but it helped!

·         Before I applied the Visa I heard there are 2 things the Consulate cares and which make them decide they will give you a visa or not

1, you have enough money to support you to travel and stay in US, So you will not become the government’s baggage when you arrive.(so you can provide your bank account to show how much saving you have or your salary flow. Credit card will help too. And of course house or cars or other properties owned by your name)

2,you will be sure return back to China.(especially for the girls who are already marriage age, even you have a lot money you have cars and house in China that still doesn’t mean you will for sure return. So at this time you need to provide more information like your company letter to day you will only have 2 weeks or a month away from work and after that you will come back for sure. And if they can it will be nice for them to say they will be responsible to make sure you will back for work!)

Here are the information I got:

1, an invitation letter from my boyfriend’s parents in US

Have all my information and their information on it and say they will take care of all the expense and if there is anything may happen there they will take the responsibility.

(I think this is good, for me I don’t have a job here so this will help the consulate think that I have the support to be in US)

2, My boyfriend’s income papers and work contract. And he also got a letter for me said he will pay for everything and make sure back to China with me! Because he works here and I am with him so it sounds reasonable.

3, credit cards

4, I’ve been to Europe so I also copied that visa to show them I went there and came back on time so I had good record!

5, Address approve.  To show that we have a stable place and we rent it for a year so we will not run away before the contract expires.

I also print some of our contact emails lists for 2 years and some photos of us of different times……..i heard some friends said they will also doubt whether you are really in a relationship or you just use this excuse to get a visa. So I got them …but I am not sure they helped!

Anyway, just prepare as many stuff as you can, you will not lose anything! When I had the interview I just told them: this is the first time I apply so I got so many stuff, if they want to see anything I will be happy to show them.

Beofe all of this:

1.    Go to bank to pay the apply fee.  Non immigrant visa 1040 HK$ here in HK

2.    Prepare a photo and scan it

3.    Fill in the form online

4.    Make the appointment

5.    Take all the papers and go!!!

I hope what I wrote may help some people!

But I heard in mainland it is more strict. but anyway, just be self-confident and tell the truth. No matter how scared you are just relax and think you deserve a chance!

Good luck!!!

Rica wish you the best!!!!