Initial Impressions of Life in Hong Kong

31 Jan

I’ve been living in Hong Kong for two weeks now after moving from Shenzhen. I am in Tsuen Wan (New Territories) so my experience is different then if I was downtown Hong Kong. Below is a map of where I live.

So far the move was good, it took two days to move from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, so no need to wait a long time to get our stuff.

I defiantly enjoy the open and fast internet of Hong Kong, which is probably my favorite part at this point. I also like the order of traffic here, so even when there is traffic it keeps going unlike Shenzhen where it can just stop.

I do miss the prices in Shenzhen as I spend a whole lot more money to transport and food everyday in Hong Kong. This is adding up and I see that its a lot more expensive, when I was spending 7 RMB for lunch and now I’m spending 25 HKD at a cheap place. I also miss the Mandarin as now I can’t understand when I’m out walking around, though most people know English and if I asked probably Mandarin too.

To let you see where I live here are some pictures from the top of the apartment (and 2 from the star ferry)

[nggallery id=3]

More to come later as I get use to Hong Kong and I can make a better comparison between being in China and being in Hong Kong.

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