2009 F1 Boat Racing in Shenzhen

21 Oct

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to the F1 boat racing in Shenzhen. I don’t know much about the sport and I won’t try to explain it here, if you want to learn more visit their site www.f1boat.com.

I was able to get a team guest pass which let me get up close to the boats. Taking a look at them its pretty crazy how small the area the drivers sits is and how fast they end up going, I think over 200 km/h. It also meant I could be close to the track when the boats went around, and that was a pretty good rush seeing those boats fly by. The weather was awesome this weekend so it make the whole event nice to see.

I don’t have much to post other then it was a good time but I do have some pictures. Check out the gallery bellow and I would recommend it if you have a chance.

[nggallery id=2]